User FAQ

Thank you for your become InfoEye users!
InfoEye provides a variety of features!

If have any question, please send email to:

How to delete InfoEye account?

If you need to delete your account, please submit a request via email to:

In your email, please provide the necessary information for us to be able to process your request:

1) Clearly state your request in the email subject line, for example 'Account Deletion Request'.

2) In the email body, please provide the following necessary information:
- The registered email / phone number or username of your account
- The reason you would like to delete your account

After receiving an account deletion request, it will take 10 working days to process the application. There will be no further notification after the account is deleted.

Please note that once an account deletion request is submitted and takes effect, it will permanently delete all your personal data and account information, and it cannot be recovered or provide any past data. Please back up any important information you need to keep before requesting for deletion. Submitting the request indicates your full acknowledgement and agreement of the consequences, which cannot be reversed or cancelled.